Collioure & Scarlett Evans - Break My Heart Again
Collioure - Baby Baby
Collioure & Luna Bands - Love Me Sweetly
Nosak - Lifetime
Collioure feat. Danielle Freeman - Bring It Back, Our Love (Phasen Remix)
Yuta Suzuki - Desire
Collioure feat. Danielle Freeman - Bring It Back, Our Love
Collioure - Euphoria
Collioure feat. Lena Grig - Brand New Day Remixes, Pt. 2
Collioure feat. Lena Grig - Brand New Day Remixes, Pt. 1
Collioure feat. Lena Grig - Brand New Day
DJ IXSXI - Palm City Drive
Collioure Selected Remixes 2010 - 2014
Collioure - Summertime Memories
Collioure feat Charlie - True You
Collioure feat MIWA - Say That You'll Stay
Ray Rama - Emrrald
Tom Carmine - Mediterraneo
Collioure feat Charlie - I Won't Cry (Remixes)
Kensuke Fukushima - Sunset Flow
Miguel Libre - Half Measures
Collioure - Dreaming of Paradise
Cipcura - Every Day
Perfect Senses - Jazzile
Toxez - Oriental Breath
Collioure - Tropical Island Girl
Perfect Senses - All That I Want
Collioure - Skywalker
Collioure - The Beginning

REIMEI is a Japanese word, meaning “dawn” or “a beginning of new things”. We want to release and support works done by talented artists who do not fear changes and keep challenging themselves. We mainly focus on dance music such as Deep House and NuDisco, but we cover various styles, including Downtempo. While we are based in Tokyo, we aim to become a label that is not held back by borders of any kind, and we will attentively work to find new talents and collaborators. We hope to provide a place for artists to mingle and influence each other to find new motivation in their artistic pursuits.

REIMEI MUSIC is always seeking for new talents. We welcome demos from artists who have empathy with our concept. If you have any opinion or comments about this label, please feel free to contact us.
-Please only send private soundclound links. If your demo arrives as attachment of an e-mail or as a usual download link we won’t listen to it. If you are not using soundcloud you can use any other streamable/downloadable platform.

E-Mail : music [at] reimei-music [dot] com

Acquarium (Japan)
Aerobatics (Russia)
Alex V (Spain)
Bassline Romance (Australia)
BlueAzure (UK)
Charlie (Ukraine)
Christian Lamper (Russia)
Cipcura (Russia)
Collioure (Japan)
Danielle Freeman (USA)
Deephope (Spain)
Denitia (USA)
Dimitry Donskoy (Russia)
DJ IXSXI (Japan)
DJ Mishakov (Russia)
Eclectic Sound (Russia)
Justin de Guzman (Philippines)
Kensuke Fukushima (Japan)
Lena Grig (Russia)
Likeastar (Russia)
Luna Bands (USA)
Max Loginov (Russia)
Mangaka (Russia)
Maria Estrella (USA)
Miguel Libre (Philippines)
MIWA (Japan)
N-Dee (Russia)
Nosak (Greece)
Olej (Russia)
Perfect Senses (Russia)
Ponytailers (Japan)
Ray Rama (Thailand)
Scarlett Evans (USA)
Summer Haze (USA)
Tom Carmine (Russia)
Toxez (Russia)
Yuta Suzuki (Japan)