Toxez :: REIMEI MUSIC ::

toxez_reimei.jpgToxez dj & producer born in centre Russia! since the early 2000s, became an active be interested in electronic music, heavily influenced by artists such as Matthew Herbert, Akufen and Metro Area. Brought up cult clubs "Propaganda" and "Shanti" in Moscow.
Member: "Melodram Rec.","WEARERUSSIANS", "Konura", Ornament Rec.", "Forgotten Disco Publicity"

EPs and singles
・(2013) Oriental Breath [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2012) Boring bar (Remixes) [We Make Names]
・(2011) Boring bar [We Make Names]

・(2014) Tom Carmine - Mediterraneo (Toxez Remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2013) Perfect Senses - Jazzile (Toxez Remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]

Compilation appearances
・(2012) Depth of 50 Fathom (Incl. Toxez - Kat On Mars) [Fifty Fathom Records]