Collioure feat. Lena Grig | Brand New Day Remixes Pt. 2 [RMD19]

The second of the Brand New Day Remixes collaboration tracks by Collioure and Lena Grig is out. Track 1 is a very comforting remix with spacey sounds by Olej, owner of Crumpled Music. Track 2 is a remix from Russian house unit Aerobatics featuring a distinctive groovy bassline. Track 3 is a remix reminiscent of a liberating summer by original producer Collioure. The individualities of a variety of remixers is put on display in this highly recommended EP.

Artist: Collioure feat. Lena Grig
Title: Brand New Day Remixes, Pt. 2 [RMD19]
Genre: NuDisco
Release Date: March 18, 2016

01. Brand New Day (Olej Remix)
02. Brand New Day (Aerobatics Remix)
03. Brand New Day (Collioure Summer Splash Mix)

Collioure feat. Lena Grig | Brand New Day Remixes Pt. 1 [RMD18]

Collaboration track by Collioure and Lena Grig, "Brand New Day" Remix EP is released. Track1 is full of sophistication, remixed by BlueAzure, creator of original NuDisco track. Track2 is classic house-like remix by vocalist Lena Grig herself, who created original track. Track3 is electro remix by DJ IXSXI, young talent based in Sendai. Track4 is remix by Max Loginov from Russia, suggestive of 90's pops and R&B works. The last one is urban and moody R&B remix by Justin de Guzman, who organizes Deep House label "Deeper Manila" in Manila, Philippines. Highly recommended disk arranged by gorgeous and versatile remixers telling attractions of these tracks.

Artist: Collioure feat. Lena Grig
Title: Brand New Day Remixes, Pt. 1 [RMD18]
Genre: NuDisco, House, Downtempo, R&B
Release Date: December 17, 2015

01. Brand New Day (BlueAzure Remix)
02. Brand New Day (Lena Grig Remix)
03. Brand New Day (DJ IXSXI Remix)
04. Brand New Day (Max Loginov Remix)
05. Brand New Day (Justin de Guzman Remix)

Collioure feat. Lena Grig | Brand New Day [RMD17]

Reimei Music proudly presents Collioure's new work, which is a collaborative effort with vocalist Lena Grig, who is a singer-cum-songwriter from Moscow. This work is titled "Brand New Day" and is characterized by Collioure's invigorating nature piercing through the sound. This is superbly infused with Lena Grig's powerful and carefree voice; this combination makes for the most epic and cool NuDisco track. This is the birth of a masterpiece, in which one is showered with truckloads of the sun's blessings and wants to dance to the start of a new promising day.

Artist: Collioure feat. Lena Grig
Title: Brand New Day [RMD17]
Genre: NuDisco,
Release Date: November 2, 2015

01 Brand New Day (Original Mix) 

DJ IXSXI | Palm City Drive [RMD16]

REIMEI MUSIC proudly presents, Palm City Drive; the debut single by Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture's next generation producer, DJ IXSXI. This new single includes two tracks. Girl: a track with a speeding feeling which uses the latest trend sound, Future House. Palm City Drive: a Nu Disco track that lets you imagine a beautiful scene of a sunset. This is a debut of a big rookie artist with prospects for upcoming success.

Artist: DJ IXSXI
Title: Palm City Drive [RMD16]
Genre: Future House, NuDisco,
Release Date: September 30, 2015

01 Girl (Original Mix) 
02 Palm City Drive (Original Mix)

Various Artists | Collioure Selected Remixes 2010 - 2014 [RMP-002]

This collection compiles Collioure's remix works between 2010 and 2014. These are the remix works featuring the works of artists mainly from abroad: Dreaming (Collioure Remix) of an electronic group from Ukraine, Tomato Jaws who unfortunately broke up in 2013, Peace of Mind (Collioure Remix) of Alex & Chris feat. Noelle (Italy) which was a smash hit in deep house music and remix works of tracks of Deephope (Spain), CONCL△VE (Philippines), Bassline Romance (Australia), Playone & Vadim Griboedov (Ukraine) and his label mates of his own label, REIMEI MUSIC, Cipcura (Russia), Perfect Senses (Russia), Miguel Libre (Philippines), Tom Carmine (Russia) and Kensuke Fukushima (Japan) and so on. His works ranged from his specialties, deep house, NuDisco and progressive house music to various genres are internationally highly appreciated regardless of genres and ages. Thanks to cooperation of each labels and artists, the 12 tracks which were available only on digital distribution are remastered. This is a precious collection that you can check another aspect of Collioure's activities which is different from his original works.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Collioure Selected Remixes 2010 - 2014 [RMP002]
Genre: Deep House, NuDisco, Progressive House
Artwork: Koji Abe (INSENSE Inc.)
Release Date: August 26, 2015

01 Tomato Jaws - Dreaming (Collioure Remix) 
02 Alex & Chris feat. Noelle - Peace of Mind (Collioure Remix)
03 Deephope - Long Way (Collioure Remix)
04 CONCL∆VE feat. Luxe Calip - Ocean Star (Collioure Remix)
05 Cipcura - Every Day (Collioure Remix)
06 Perfect Senses - Jazzile (Collioure Remix)
07 Bassline Romance - Juno101 (Collioure Remix)
08 Alex & Chris feat. Shatti - Elements (Collioure Remix) 
09 Miguel Libre - Half Measures (Collioure Remix)
10 Playone & Vadim Griboedov - Number One (Collioure Remix) 
11 Tom Carmine - Mediterraneo (Collioure Remix)
12 Kensuke Fukushima - Sunset Flow (Collioure Remix)

Collioure | Summertime Memories [RMD15]

Whenever summer begins, I get on a high.
Summer makes people shine, go crazy, have fun.
But the fun summer is over in an instant.
The end of summer is fleeting, wistful.
But I can't help but love summer.
This summer, what sort of memories will you make with who, and where?

Artist: Collioure
Title: Summertime Memories [RMD15]
Genre: NuDisco
Release Date: July 20, 2015

01. Summertime Memories (Original Mix)

Collioure feat. Charlie | True You [RMD14]

REIMEI MUSIC's 14th release is "True You", re-collaboration of Collioure and Charlie. Emotional to sentimental, Charlie's vocal and splendid series of melodies. Also offering urban & ellow NuDisco track, Collioure's original tracks combined in best balance. Remix of Bassline Romance (from Australia) and Cipcura (from Russia) also featured. This is the best song recommended to all music fans.

Artist: Collioure feat. Charlie
Title: True You [RMD14]
Genre: NuDisco
Remixes: Bassline Romance, Cipcura
Release Date: June 6, 2015

01. True You (Original Mix)
02. True You (Bassline Romance Remix)
03. True You (Cipcura Remix)

Collioure feat. MIWA | Say That You'll Stay [RMD13]

REIMEI MUSIC head honcho, Takahiro Nakamura aka. Collioure teams up with singer and songwriter MIWA for a luscious, jazzy one-tracker, “Say That You’ll Stay”! We have known Collioure for his uplifting, chord-driven, disco-inspired deep house tracks such as “Skywalker” and “I Won’t Cry” among others. This time around, Takahiro showcases the jazzy and soulful side of his sound as he features the soothing vocals of MIWA. Not just that, “Say That You’ll Stay” also features the soul-tingling saxophone solo courtesy of the magnificent Shintaro Kurihara!
“Say That You’ll Stay” is indeed, a release you would not want to miss out on! Save the date, “Say That You’ll Stay”, exclusively distributed by REIMEI MUSIC is out on April 16!

Artist: Collioure feat. MIWA
Title: Say That You'll Stay [RMD13]
Genre: Chillout
Release Date: April 16, 2015

01. Say That You'll Stay (Original Mix)

Ray Rama | Emerald [RMD12]

Reimei Music will proudly present Ray Rama's debut EP, "Emerald". Ray was born in Thailand, and grew up in UK. Currently, he is a DJ and a music producer, making his music at a town along the ocean in Thailand. This debut EP includes three of his original tracks. The music he makes withhold his view of the world depicting a magnificent landscape, as well as beautiful melody which thrills your emotion. His debut EP, with overwhelming quality, which shows his gifted talent. We will promise it is a masterpiece that will grab the heart of progressive house fans.

Artist: Ray Rama
Title: Emerald [RMD12]
Genre: Progressive House
Release Date: December 17, 2014

01. Guardian of the Sea (Original Mix)
02. Ban Phe Sunrise (Original Mix)
03. Emerald (Original Mix)

Tom Carmine | Mediterraneo [RMD11]

Reimei Music is back with another brilliant release, the aptly entitled, "Mediterraneo" by Russian producer, Tom Carmine. "Mediterraneo" brings together blissful arpeggio sounds, driven by acoustic guitar and pianos. Topped-off with a fantastic synth that brings its listeners deeper into the sound, "Mediterrano" is indeed a wonder to behold!
Fellow artists Dimitry Donskoy, DJ Mishakov, Toxez, ABITWISE, Collioure, Olej and Mangaka, each add a touch of their own respective signature sounds to provide their own reinterpretation of "Mediterraneo"!

Artist: Tom Carmine
Title: Mediterraneo [RMD11]
Remixer: Dimitry Donskoy, DJ Mishakov, Toxez, ABITWISE, Collioure, Olej, Mangaka
Genre: NuDisco, Leftfield & Chill Out - Downtempo
Release Date: November 14, 2014

01.Mediterraneo (Original Mix)
02.Mediterraneo (Dimitry Donskoy Remix)
03.Mediterraneo (DJ Mishakov Remix)
04.Mediterraneo (Tom's Cherry Remix)
05.Mediterraneo (Toxez Remix)
06.Mediterraneo (ABITWISE Remix)
07.Mediterraneo (Collioure Remix)
08.Mediterraneo (Olej Remix)
09.Mediterraneo (Mangaka Remix)

Collioure feat. Charlie | I Won't Cry (Remixes) [RMD10]

Reimei Music is proud to present “I Won't Cry (Remixes)” EP-- the new release of Collioure feat. Charlie.
This track is cut as a single from their fourth album "Dreaming of Paradise" which was released in November last year. Its original mix is the new version done by Collioure himself. Other versions for the this EP include refreshing NuDisco Remix by Acquarium, who has been receiving high acclaim from abroad, Yuta Suzuki Remix, which conjures up the images of west coast ocean, and modern and deep Remix with adequately added synth phrases by a Spaniard Alex V who runs Sophisticate Recordings.
Each track showcases the best part of each artist involved and it is definitely a masterpiece which will remain in Reimei Music history!

Artist: Collioure feat. Charlie
Title: I Won't Cry (Remixes) [RMD10]
Remixer: Acquarium, Yuta Suzuki, Alex V
Genre: NuDisco, Indie Dance, Deep House
Release Date: August 6, 2014

01. I Won't Cry (Original Retouch)
02. I Won't Cry (Acquarium Remix)
03. I Won't Cry (Yuta Suzuki Remix)
04. I Won't Cry (Alex V Remix)

Kensuke Fukushima | Sunset Flow [RMD09]

Reimei Music is proud to present “Sunset Flow” EP-- the debut release of Hyogo-based producer, Kensuke Fukushima. As an up and coming talent from Japan, Kensuke is known for his warm, melodic, and poignant approach to deep house music, and this can be heard in the original mix of “Sunset Flow”.
First in the remixes is by Athens-based producer, Nosak. Coming in nice and steady, the Nosak Remix showcases a tight bassline, brisk rhythm, and blissful pianos. Deephope returns on Reimei with yet another brilliant deep house track that gives life to resonating chords and groovy bass. Third and last remix comes from Reimei head honcho, Takahiro Nakamura aka. Collioure. This Colloiure remix gives the release a proper close through its balearic-inspired, chill house reinterpretation.
“Sunset Flow” EP by Kensuke Fukushima is out on March 20!

Artist: Kensuke Fukushima
Title: Sunset Flow [RMD09]
Remixer: Nosak, Deephope, Collioure
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: March 20, 2014

01. Sunset Flow (Original Mix)
02. Sunset Flow (Nosak Remix)
03. Sunset Flow (Deephope Remix)
04. Sunset Flow (Collioure Remix)

Miguel Libre | Half Measures [RMD08]

REIMEI MUSIC proudly presents a brand new four-track EP, “Half Measures” from Miguel Libre, an emerging DJ and producer from Manila. The original mix is a deep house track that showcases crisp, garage-style bass, melodic chord progression, classic 909 hi-hats, and laid-back vibe. Remixers include David Garcia aka. Deephope from Spain, Perfect Senses from Russia, and REIMEI MUSIC head honcho Takahiro Nakamura aka. Collioure. Providing a fresh perspective in the deep house scene, “Half Measures” EP is out on Feb.14!

Artist: Miguel Libre
Title: Half Measures [RMD08]
Remixer: Collioure, Deephope, Perfect Senses
Genre: Deep House
Release Date: Feb 14, 2014

01. Half Measures (Original Mix)
02. Half Measures (Collioure Remix)
03. Half Measures (Deephope Remix)
04. Half Measures (Perfect Senses Remix)

Collioure | Dreaming of Paradise [RMP-001]

Finally, introducing the new album by Collioure! Powerful track selection include the smash hits Jupiter, Sparkle, The Beginning, Skywalker and Tropical Island Girl Also, M-7 contains collaboration title featuring Charlie the Bird (aka Viktoria Jakobchuk), a vocalist from Kiev, Ukraine! Never-before-heard, original music not categorical with a tinge of Deep House/Nu Disco genre mix. No doubt this will be the best album ever yet.

Artist: Collioure
Title: Dreaming of Paradise [RMP-001]
Genre: Nu Disco, Indie Dance
Release Date: November 28, 2013

01. I Want Everything
02. Skywalker
03. Tropical Island Girl
04. Time Will Tell
05. Dreaming of Paradise
06. Never Fade
07. I Won't Cry (feat. Charlie the Bird)
08. Bohemian Chic
09. The Beginning
10. Sparkle
11. I Gotta Feeling
12. Jupiter
13. Cloud 9

Cipcura | Every Day [RMD07]

Russian new star Cipcura (aka Mika Magicov) has released his debut single "Every Day" from Reimei Music!
Its simple base line, emotional synthesized phrases and vocal sampling, and brass sounds make a nice accent, producing comfortable euphoria. Russian Eclectic Sound and Collioure from Japan takes part in remix. This single is definitely a great masterpiece of Nu Disco and slow motion disco!

Artist: Cipcura
Title: Every Day [RMD07]
Remixer: Eclectic Sound, Collioure
Genre: Nu Disco, Indie Dance
Release Date: June 10, 2013

01. Every Day (Original Mix)
02. Every Day (Eclectic Sound Remix)
03. Every Day (Collioure Remix)

Perfect Senses | Jazzile [RMD06]

Introducing the latest from the duo "Perfect Senses" who developed their work in Moscow! The original mix is a blend of beautiful piano from the second half of atmospheric synthesizer cords, excellent work that builds up over time. Toxez from the same town and Christian Lamper recorded all 4 tracks, including a Remix from the the label owner Collioure.
Note: Christian Lamper Remix / Sax licensed from Manuscript records.

Artist: Perfect Senses
Title: Jazzile [RMD06]
Remixer: Collioure, Toxez, Christian Lamper
Genre: House, Nu Disco, Deep Tech House, Deep House
Release Date: May 24, 2013

01. Jazzile (Original Mix)
02. Jazzile (Collioure Remix)
03. Jazzile (Toxez Remix)
04. Jazzile (Christian Lamper Remix)

Toxez | Oriental Breath [RMD05]

Reimei Music's 5th release is a single by Toxez, a rising Moscow-based producer.
"Oriental Breath" has a cool and exotic mood. "One Day From The Life A Moth" is deep house with heavy beat and base line, carving grooves. It also features the downbeat remix of "One Day From The Life A Moth" by Tom Carmine, who is also based in Moscow.
A masterpiece that appeals from house to chill-out DJs is born!

Artist: Toxez
Title: Oriental Breath [RMD05]
Remixer: Tom Carmine
Genre: Deep House, Chill Out
Release Date: April 22, 2013

01. Oriental Breath (Original Mix)
02. One Day From The Life A Moth (Original Mix)
03. One Day From The Life A Moth (Tom Carmine Remix)

Collioure | Tropical Island Girl [RMD04]

The 4th release of REIMEI MUSIC is the single by Collioure. It's a tropical soundscape with some sexy voice samples, nice n' sweet melodies and chord progressions! Remixed by Nosak from Thessaloniki Greece. who offers beautiful and romantic Deep House Remix. and Perfect Senses, house group from Moscow, offers a fantastic and bouncy Remix. This is the breezy, summer-feel masterpiece!

Artist: Collioure
Title: Tropical Island Girl [RMD04]
Remixer: Nosak, Perfect Senses
Genre: House, Deep House, Tech House
Release Date: April 15, 2013

01. Tropical Island Girl (Original Mix)
02. Tropical Island Girl (Nosak Remix)
03. Tropical Island Girl (Perfect Senses Remix)

Perfect Senses | All That I Want [RMD03]

Reimei Music's third installment is a debut single called "Perfect Senses" from new artists based in Moscow, House unit DJ D.Wise and DJ Yurly Avgustov. They are DJs and as composers, have a long career already. In other words, they're proud of their current works that are highly perfected. You can say that the layered synth phrases are like looking from a fantasy world's view and are carefully detailed in unique production. The remixers also include DJs Collioure, N-Dee, Likeastar and Dimitry Donskoy. And all the 5 tracks include the goodness of the original songs revived in good remixes!

Artist: Perfect Senses
Title: All That I Want [RMD03]
Remixer: Collioure, N-Dee, Likeastar and Dimitry Donskoy
Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Breaks
Release Date: December 15, 2012

01. All That I Want (Original Mix)
02. All That I Want (Collioure Remix)
03. All That I Want (N-Dee Remix)
04. All That I Want (Likeastar Remix)
05. All That I Want (Dimitry Donskoy Remix)

Collioure | Skywalker [RMD02]

The 2nd release of REIMEI MUSIC is the single by Collioure.
“Skywalker” is a Nu Wave track that combines sparkly synthesizer tunes and mid tempo, “Time Will Tell” is a polished Nu Disco track with emotional layers. And then there is the psychedelic “I Gotta Feeling” composed of voice samples and tough hard beats. A compilation of 3 rich tracks overflowing with originality.

Artist: Collioure
Title: Skywalker [RMD02]
Genre: Nu Disco, Nu Wave
Release Date: August 08, 2012

01. Skywalker (Original Mix)
02. Time Will Tell (Original Mix)
03. I Gotta Feeling (Original Mix)

Collioure | The Beginning [RMD01]

For the first part, the owner of the label, Collioure (aka Takahiro Nakamura), made a beautiful and fantastic DEEP HOUSE track “The Beginning".
The remixes were made by young talented Russian Deep House producer Christian Lamper, who always does delicate and clear productions, also famous for his moody and sexy productions and the talented Spanish Deep House producer Deephope (aka David Garcia) joined the team to make this fresh Deep House summer master piece.

Artist: Collioure
Title: The Beginning [RMD01]
Remixer: Christian Lamper, Deephope
Genre: House, Deep House
Release Date: July 07, 2012

01. The Beginning (Original Mix)
02. The Beginning (Christian Lamper Mix)
03. The Beginning (DeepHope feeling Remix)