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Perfect senses
signpspro.png"Perfect Senses" is a unit of DJ D.Wise and DJ Yuriy Avgustov based in Moscow. (More details coming soon...)

EPs and singles
(2013) Jazzile [REIMEI MUSIC]
(2013) Midnight Summer [Fifty Fathom Records]
(2012) All That I Want [REIMEI MUSIC]

(2014) Miguel Libre - (Perfect Senses Remix) Half Measures [REIMEI MUSIC]
(2013) Collioure - Tropical Island Girl (Perfect Senses Remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2011) Collioure - Jupiter (D.Wise and Yuriy Avgystov (Iris) remix) [Daiyume Music]

Compilation appearances
・(2014) Crumpled Deep vol.1 [incl. CocoShine] [Crumpled Music]