Nosak :: REIMEI MUSIC ::

Nosak_join2-300x250.pngNosak is a producer/dj from Thessaloniki, Greece.
He took piano lessons when he was very young and started discovering eclectic music in old vinyls.
It became evident that it was electronic music that impressed him the most. His urge to produce music grew even bigger when he got his first synth. After a few years he studied at SAE College in Athens so as to gain more in depth knowledge on electronic music production. His work resulted in several releases and remixes in various respectable labels in Greece as well as around the world, having deep atmospheric mood as their main feature. Djing is also a part of his love for music and his sets are noticeable for creating a deep journey like feeling.

EPs and singles
(2013) Wisdom [Audiokult Records]
(2013) 24:00 - EP [Disclosure project recordings]
・(2012) Speed Of Light - EP [Lantus Recordings]
・(2011) Deep Life [Know Thyself Recordings]
・(2010) Night Path [Next Dimension Music]
・(2010) Escape Of Blue [Next Dimension Music]
・(2009) Unexplored Fields [Next Dimension Music]
・(2007) Rotate : Remixed [Next Dimension Music]
・(2007) Rotate - EP [Next Dimension Music]

(2014) Lego Boy - Rethinking about love (Nosak Remix) [EDM Underground]
(2013) Thamza feat. Rocio Starry - Mercy in Me (Nosak Remix) [Audio Out]
(2013) Collioure - Tropical Island Girl (Nosak Remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2013) Lego Boy Feat.Haris Attonis - Feeling blue (Nosak remix) [Soundcloud free mp3]
・(2013) Mikael Delta - Walking maked (Nosak remix) [Young society records]
(2013) Thamza Feat Rocio Starry - Mercy in me (Nosak remix) [Audio out records]
・(2013) DJ FEEVOS - In Code (Nosak remix) [Elektrik Dreams]
・(2013) tONKPROJECT - Diffycult But Not Impossible (Nosak remix) [Behaviors]
・(2013) BAL& - Just Take My Heart (Nosak remix) [Spaceal Orbeats]
・(2010) DiscaL (feat. Arshi) - Turban Warrior (Nosak Space Mix) [Next Dimension Music]

Compilation appearances
・(2012) Selected Deep House Vol 1 [incl.Deep Life] [Know Thyself Recordings]
・(2012) Deep House Cartel Cancun Beach [incl.Deep Life] [Celebration Japan]
・(2012) DeepWit Crossing Borders [incl.Secrets] [DeepWit Recordings]
・(2012) Lantus Presents Pool and Sun Series [incl.Rainbow] [Lantus Recordings]
・(2012) Balearic Deep Sun Guide Vol 4 [incl.Deep Life] [ABP]
・(2012) Know Thyself Volume 2 [incl.Deep Life (Christos Fourkis remix)] [One Sound Records]
・(2012) Know Thyself Volume 1 [incl.Deep Life] [One Sound Records]
・(2011) Deep House Attack 2011 [incl.Deep Life (Christos Fourkis remix)] [Tantrum Logo]
・(2011) Dee Jay Mixtures (Deep House Mix) [incl.Deep Life (Christos Fourkis remix)] [Jizoom]
・(2011) Progressive Med Upbeat Downtenpo Sessions [incl.Deep Life] [One Sound Records]
・(2011) Abstration 5 [incl.Deep Life] [Celebration]
・(2011) Essential Beach Grooves [incl.Deep Life] [Shivver]
・(2011) Balearic Deep Sun Guide [incl.Deep Life] [Acunadeep]
・(2011) Cala Blanca Grooves: The Ibiza 2011 Beach Guide [incl.Deep Life (Christos Fourkis remix)] [Brazilian House Grooves]
・(2011) Progressive Med Upbeat Downtempo Sessions [incl.Deep Life] [One Sound Records]
・(2011) Deep House Session [incl.Deep Life (Christos Fourkis remix)] [Sa Trincha Recordings]
・(2009) Deep House Sunset Vibes [incl.Delight] [Next Dimension Music]
・(2009) 200 [incl.Night Path] [Next Dimension Music]