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Kensuke Fukushima
Kensuke_Fukushima_reimei.jpgKensuke Fukushima is a sound producer from Japan.
He was strongly influenced by rock and jazz in his teens, he played the keyboard, guitar, and bass and other instruments as well as do the vocal with bands. From the age of 20, he began producing tracks using computer, as well as became involved with interactive art.
His first digital musical work was released from Onovu in 2011, and he continues to search for his own unique sound. Aside to music production, he also does graphic production and other activities.

EPs and singles
・(2014) Sunset Flow [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2013) LEP004 [Leap Records]
・(2012) Orugae [Leap Records]
・(2012) The Elephant Vanishes -EP [Onovu]
・(2011) Afterdark -EP [Onovu]

Compilation appearances
・(2013) Give Me 5 (Upcoming), Pt. Two (Incl. Kensuke Fukushima - TriangleOriginal Mix) [Monocline Records]