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Eclectic Sound
0007498554_10.jpgEclectic Sound since in 2001. From Dub to Disco sounds. Releases - Theomatic, Altai Rec., All About Magic, Spirit Soul Music, Green Snake, Wasabi Germany,Godzilla Kebab, Disco Volante ... Guest of John Digweed Frisky radio, и Мегаполис.ФМ, InkBonkers Radioshow, Garage Europa Plus, Deep Technology spacetime. Track's in mixes Aeroplane, AN-2, Alexander Robotnick, Pole Folder, Nacho Marco, Sergey Sanches, Compass Vrubell, Acos CoolKAs, D-Pulse ...
freestyle music and many shades of house. Soulfully and intelligent dance music.

EPs and singles
・(2012) Pareos EP [Disco Volante]
・(2011) Special Travel [Spirit Soul Music]

・(2013) Cipcura - Every Day (Eclectic Sound Remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2011) D Pulse - Velocity Of Love - (Eclectic Sound "Sunset" Mix) [Theomatic Russia]
・(2011) Anton Romezz - Yellow Unicorn (Eclectic Sound Remix) [Spirit Soul Music]
・(2010) KI MI - Another Side Of My Life (Eclectic Sound Chill Remix, Eclectic Sound Remix) [Green Snake]

Compilation appearances
・(2012) Boxter 2 [incl. Your Heartbeat] [What's In The Box]
・(2012) Irregular Remixes Vol.2 [incl. Pareos (Irregular Disco Workers Dream Voyage)] [Disco Volante Recordings}
・(2011) Into The Groove Vol.1 [ incl. KI MI - Sun, Beach & She (Eclectic Sound Breeze Remix)}[Wasabi Germany]
・(2011) Time To Forget [incl.Time To Forget] [Carica Forza]
・(2011) Spring Sampler [incl.Cosmic Painter, My Girl] [Carica Deep]
・(2010) Obscured By The Machines (Introverted Dubs Of The Izhevsk City) [incl.Goodbye Illusions, Mysterious Forest ] [Theomatic Russia]