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deephope2014.jpegDavid Garcia Aka Deephope is a Music Producer & DJ, who discovered his passion for electronic music with just 13 years, has always been faithful to sound deep and above all the Deep House scene. Born in 1978 and based in Tarragona. As DJ has toured several locations in the province, events, interventions in radio and as a guest on radio webs like Deep & Deeper, Ready to be chilled in Tunnel FM, Audio Nights Radio Show or Westradio. As producer released his music around the world on Labels of Germany, Brazil, Croatia, Spain, Philippines, Japan ... Where he shows all his experience. Warm sound, deep and full of feelings.----Labels---- -Sophisticate Recordings -Fm-musik -Deep Pressure Music -Adult Music Records -Deeper Manila -Reimei Music -Deep Site Recordings -Deepmentality Records....

EPs and singles
・(2013) Song For A Son [Deep Pressure Music]
・(2013) Toppings [Aftersoul Records]
・(2012) From Dusk To Dusk EP [For 5 and Dime Recordings]
・(2012) Shavings EP [Itom]
・(2012) Long Way EP [Inusual Series]
・(2012) Respirar [Underground House Foundation]
・(2012) Coffee Time [Saigon Records]
・(2012) Travel [BCN Move Records]
・(2012) Friday EP [Adult Music Records]
・(2012) A day in Japan [FM Musik]
・(2011) Scene06 [BPM:120 Netlabel]
・(2011) Antonyms EP [Sophisticate Recordings]
・(2011) Sexy Doll EP [Nu-logic]
・(2011) I want so much to kiss you EP [Nu-logic]

・(2013) Remixes Vol.1 - Prosis - Feel You Above - (Deephope Underground Mix) [Lens Media Side B]
・(2013) Maax 52 - My Last Chance (Deephope Remix) [The Sound Of Everything Deep]
・(2013) Bourne - Throwback (Deephope Wax Mix) [Ready Mix Records]
・(2012) Deep Spelle - Imagine (Deephope Melo Mix) [I Records]
・(2012) Everybody Lies - Lonely Road (Deephope Remix) [Music Evolution Records]
・(2012) Fapples & Fullhouse feat. Jan - I Will (Deephope vocal soul mix) [Sublimation Records]
・(2012) Frankman - White Rabbit (Deephope's Dub remix) [Deep Pressure]
・(2012) Felipe L - Synthetic Paradise (Deephope shuffle remix) [Deepmentality Records]
・(2012) TOM JONEXX - Schwingt (Deephope Jazz Ride remix , Deephope Classic Bass remix) [Deep Pressure]
・(2012) Collioure - The Beginning (Deephope feeling remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]
・(2012) tom jonexx - schwingt (Deephope's classic bass remix / Deephope's jazz ride remix ) [Deep Pressure Music]
・(2012) Miguel Libre - Minima (Deephope remix) [Deeper Manila]

Compilation appearances
・(2013) WMC 2013 Compilation [incl.Deephope - Bittersweet (Original Mix)] [Itom Records]
・(2013) Elfenstaub, Vol. 5 - Deep Electronic Journey Through Time [incl.Deephope - Deep Sun (Original Mix)] [City Life]
・(2012) Quintessence [incl.Deephope - Contractions (Original Mix)] [Aftersoul Records]
・(2012) Deep Cycle Vol.2 [incl.Deephope - In A Better World (Original Mix)] [Deep Site Recordings]
・(2012) One Year Vol 1 (This Is What We Call Deep House Music) [incl. Wishes To See] [Adult Music}
・(2012) Nassau Beach Club Ibiza compilation 2012 [incl.Froday (Original Mix)] [BigCityBeats]
・(2012) Deep Cycle [incl.Deephope heat. Alb - Love is mine (Original Mix)] [Deep Site Recordings]
・(2011) ART.35 V.A. feelings [incl.hasta mañana] [arteqcue]