Alex V
Alex Photo1n.jpgAlex V (Alex Valentín) was born in the city of Barcelona in 1977, he now lives in Somerset, England, where he continues to develop and establish himself musically and professionally.
Passionate for electronic music, he started producing at the age of 16. Since then on deep house music has been the style in which has inspired this artist. His tracks and Dj sets combine a mixture of class and elegance varying from Deep house to Tech-House. In the last years Alex V has produced and released several tracks with respected labels such as Acryl Music, Deepology, Night Drive music, Big Mama, Justified cause, Sweetleaf, Extremly house, Mettle Music, Soulstar, etc. With this experience, has led him to create his own record label, Sophisticate Recordings, based on an elegant Deep & Deep Tech-House to satisfy most selected dance floors.

-About Sophisticate Recordings-
Sophisticate Recordings is an independient music label. Our music is based on an elegant Deep & Deep Tech-House. Influenced by the 90s scene but build with modern groove, style and good taste.
Our artist roaster includes a variety of selected international producers such Hakan Lidbo, Herb LF, Frankman, K-bana, Replika, Alex V or Zuat-Zu among others.
We seek for what we call “pure essence”. Our vision is that you enjoy sophisticated and selected music on the dance floor.”Sophisticate is simply good music”.
Sophisticate releases are played and charted on Ibiza Sonica FM, Ibiza Global Radio FM, AMDJS Radio FM, Last FM, Proton Radio, Deep house Cat show, Deeper Shades and currently followed by sites & fan blogs as ClubbingSpain, Myspace or Soundcloud.

You can listen and buy our full catalogue directly from our own website, Also we are distributed worldwide in some of the most important Digital Shops including Beatport, Juno or Traxource.

EPs and singles
(2010) Deep Blue [Sophisticate Recordings]
・(2010) Low Density [Deepology]
(2010) Way Out [Justified Cause Recordings]
(2010) Guidelines [Night Drive Music]
(2009) Side of Deep [Sweetleaf Recordings]
(2009) Destiny [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2009) The Other Side [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2009) Spirals [Extremly House Music]
(2008) Wishes [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2008) Northern Lights [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2008) Justified [Justified Entertainment]
(2005) Waveforms [PulseWith Online]

(2014) Collioure feat. Charlie - I Won't Cry (Alex V Remix) [REIMEI MUSIC]
(2013) Rodrigo Soria - Bold (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2012) Modern Walker - Its (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2012) Pablo Sanchez feat. Kissy Asplund - Space Key (Alex V Remix) [Justified Cause Recordings]
(2011) Zuat-Zu - At the School (Alex V Remix) [UHF Recordings]
(2011) Bruto Peroni - Go Slow (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2011) Craig Stewart - Better the Devil (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2010) Craig Stewart - Do For Love (Alex V Remix) [Acryl Music]
(2010) Herb LF - Dimer (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2010) Frankman - Eikma (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2010) Victor Maximiliano - Sector Alpha (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]
(2010) Innocent Lovers - Bella Novaris (Alex V Remix) [BIG MAMA RECORDS]
(2010) K-Bana - Chemistry (Alex V Remix) [Night Drive Music]
(2010) Hakan Lidbo - Anual Grey (Alex V Remix) [Sophisticate Recordings]

Compilation appearances
・(2014) In Depth - Part One [incl. Sensual (Original Mix), Temptations (Original Mix)] [Sophisticate Recordings]
・(2012) Miami Sampler 2012 [incl. Thrive (Original Mix), Temptations (Original Mix)] [Nightbird Music]